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Carl Dean

Based in the Wye Valley, Ross on Wye, Monmouth, Usk, Hereford and Cheltenham, I’m a certified personal trainer and the owner of Fortis Fitness – Personal Training and Massage Consultancy. 

My primary interests are in personal fitness training to motivate anyone who finds self-motivation to exercise hard or who finds that gyms are intimidating places.

I specialise in showing clients that they do not have to use gyms to exercise.

In addition, I offer Massage Therapy, where through the use of soft tissue manipulation and massage, the prevention and treatment of injuries can be maintained.

I also enjoy coaching my clients in Nutrition and Diet to complete the fitness journey.

“Carl Dean is, without doubt, the best personal trainer I’ve ever had.”

Dr Sanjida O’Connell


“I see keeping fit as a necessary evil. I have no incentive or time to go to the gym and Carl’s home visits are the tonic I rely on to de-stress and stay healthy.”

Mark Terry-LushCEO Honey Marketing. 

I have had the personal privilege of gaining three Olympic certificates in each of the gyms I have managed by offering Personal training facilities for future and potential Olympians. I have also had the privilege of training clients in weight loss, fitness and rehabilitation.

Governing Bodies

Membership Number R0018255

advanced Instructor level 3

Registration Number 26017

Registration Number 2643

I have over 25 years experience within the Leisure industry. I worked for Fitness for Industry (FFI) as a Mobile Manager covering 42 Health Clubs,  a company which offered corporate health and fitness services to hotels and corporate businesses.

Following this I set up and managed five large new fitness facilities covering over 5000 members, offering full fitness facilities, swimming programmes, classes, children’s activities and social events. During this time I had the privilege of training 3 Olympians and hold certificates for this.

Make a Change

Real People. Real Results

Fortis Fitness offers a wide range of Health and Fitness from one to one Personal Training, group sessions, swimming lessons, and Massage Therapy. 

I provide a truly professional personalised training service, which will assist you in meeting your individual fitness goals. 

Whether your goals are to lose weight, improve your strength, recover from injury, pre or post pregnancy, or just become more energised and fitter, I will work with YOU every step of the way. 

I believe that with my expertise and support EVERYONE can achieve their fitness goals.

“I met Carl in February 2004 after moving to the Cheltenham area.  I’d had a succession of personal trainers while living in London and given my hectic, stressful lifestyle I knew I needed to find someone who could put a training plan together and motivate me.

Overweight and with my wedding less than five months away Carl’s skills showed results almost immediately. I lost a stone and 6% Body fat.  I see keeping fit as a necessary evil but after more than six years of twice weekly work outs I am fitter than anyone I know my age.  I have no incentive or time to go to the gym and Carl’s home visits are the tonic I rely on to de-stress and stay healthy.”

Mark Terry-Lush

CEO, public relations agency,

“Carl Dean is without doubt the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. I’m pretty fit and motivated but like to be pushed, especially on those dark, winter days when you really feel that you cannot go out in the cold and do any exercise.

Carl has always spurred me on and kept me going. He constantly thinks of new exercises to keep me on my toes and thanks to him, after a year of seeing him once a week, I’d lost 6% of body fat and had greater muscle definition.

Although I only see him once a week, he’s always keen to come up with new programmes for me to do by myself. Plus he’s relentlessly cheerful, which helps when you’re doing more press ups than you think can be good for you.”



“Carl is not only my personal trainer but my personal mentor! He arrives at my home always on time and never without his cheery smile and disposition which is just what I need to put me in the right frame of mind to start the day.

The hour speeds past and I find it very motivating. My goal has been to tone up and increase muscle definition; not one for frequenting the gym, I can now lift weights with my otherwise very puny arms.

I have found the last 6 months with Carl to be a very pleasant experience and have felt stronger and more motivated than ever before. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.”

Zoe Peace

Commercial Agent



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